Rip N Dip Nermurari Warrior House Slippers

Original price was: Rp899.000,00.Current price is: Rp674.250,00.

  • Wear em in da house boy!
  • Be a house boy
  • Not an island boy!
  • Gift em to your mom
  • Steak them from your friend named Ron
  • But whatever you do
  • Dump them ugss
  • And let these slippers do the hugs!
  • New House Slippers!
  • You know you need these slippers
  • You say your feet hurt on the sides
  • When you put these on, you will feel like you’re at home
  • Size XS fits size Mens 3-4 Womens 4.5-5.5
  • Size S fits size Mens 5-6 Womens 6.5-7.5
  • Size M fits size Mens 7-8 Womens 8.5-9.5
  • Size L fits size Mens 9-10 Womens 10.5-11.5
  • Size XL fits size Mens 11-13 Womens 12.5-13.5