Carhartt Loose Fit Heavyweight S/S Pocket T-Shirt Cobalt Blue

USD 649,000.00

Carhartt pocket t-shirt debuted in 1992, and its rugged cotton design and clean looks made it a fast favorite among the hard-working folks who pulled it on. Though decades and trends have come and gone, there’s a reason the K87 remains a classic. This men’s t-shirt is made with heavyweight cotton built to handle tough days on the job. It has an original fit that gives you room to move and a soft feel that only gets better with time.


Size Chart

Units are expressed in inches and reflect general body dimensions. Measurements are approximate.






34 – 36

28 – 30

34 – 36


38 – 40

32 – 34

38 – 40


42 – 44

36 – 38

42 – 44


46 – 48

40 – 42

46 – 48

Loose Fit

These t-shirts are cut larger with a roomier fit in the chest and shoulders.

Relaxed Fit

A closer fit to the body



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